Warehouse Security & Augmented Reality

Example of the Application of a Security Survey (Warehouse Security) done by Dr. Scotty Dunlap. The original footage is over 20 minutes long.

For this lesson titled “Example of the Application of a Security Survey”, Dr. Dunlap wanted to create a virtual model of a warehouse that he can interact with, record and present in his “SSE827 – Issues in Emergency Management” course. The model had to represent a replica of a warehouse with several docks, back, front and side entrances, windows, perimeter fencing, gates, office space, central server room, driver area and other details that can be seen of Figure 1.

Figure 1. Warehouse Model

To create this model, we used Google Sketchup (professional version). We opted to use Google Sketchup because it has a library of available, royalty free models (Google 3D warehouse) that were at our disposal and because of its simple interface and simplicity. It took us about 4 hours to create an initial model and additional 3 hours to finely tune it according to Dr. Dunlap’s specifications. Once complete, the model was exported as .3DS file. You can download the .3DS file here along with the scene, pattern and PDF pattern file.

We then loaded the pattern and the model into the BuildAR software and maximized the scene to a full window. For this recording, we used Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 which is capable of 720p HD video. This camera produces nice and crisp videos, and in addition it offers myriad of additional functions such as manual focus, light adjustment, cropping etc.

To capture this footage, we used FRAPS which is Windows based video capture software designed to record content which uses DirectX and OpenGL graphic technology. FRAPS is often used to record video games, screen capture and as a benchmark software. Using FRAPS is fairly easy – to record a video, one has to press F10 and the raw video dump (AVI) is recorded in previously specified folder. It also helps to have a good video card to get maximum frames per second.

To record audio, we used Sony lavaliere microphone. Audio footage was recorded separately from the video footage, and was later re-synced during the post-production.

Once the lesson was recorded, we used Premiere CS5 to produce the footage, encode it and deliver it in Dr. Dunlap’s class.

Download Warehouse Security & Augmented Reality files. Follow the instructions inside of the zipped file to run this simulation on your PC. We posted a brief instructional video on how to open up a scene on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3C97PPTinE

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