Lunar Phases Astronomy AR Lesson

Augmented Reality Lunar Phases Lesson

Part of the Augmented Reality Lunar Phases Lesson

This lunar phases augmented reality lesson was developed as a part of my doctoral studies, and I used it as a primary  learning content used in the AR experimental group. I chose lunar phases for my research because (a) it is a concept that depicts material rich with spatial information; (b) it represents a concept that is often difficult to grasp; and (c) it was suggested as a suitable learning content for AR treatment by several studies.

The lunar phases lesson consists of 6 sections:

  1. General Introduction to the relationship between the earth and the moon,
  2. Introduction to the lunar phases,
  3. First quarter,
  4. Second quarter,
  5. Third quarter, and
  6. Fourth quarter.
Student Interacting with Augmented Reality Lunar Phases Lesson

Student Interacting with Augmented Reality Lunar Phases Lesson

Each section explains the relationship between the earth and the moon, and combined together, creates one coherent lesson about lunar phases. This lesson has been validated by 2 experts who hold PhD’s in astrophysics, and based on observations during the data collection (n=182), students enjoyed it very much. I must note that I was not able to measure the differences between the experimental group (AR) and control group (images and text treatment).

To use this material in your classroom (free), you will need to do the following:

  1. Download both “AR scene files” and “AR + text lunar phases” PDF document.
  2. Print out the “AR+text lunar phases” PDF, as this lesson will serve as your primary instructional material.
  3. Install free BuildAR viewer.  
  4. Plug in your Web cam into the computer. You will need a working webcam to run this AR lesson.
  5. Unzip the “AR scene files”.
  6. Open “Print these markers” folder, and print “All_Markers.doc”. Once printed, cut and separate the markers, and glue them to foam board pieces.
  7. Once all complete, click on “Scene_5.scn” to run the BuildAR software.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Here is an example of interaction between the student and lunar phases lesson:

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