AR Blog

This blog was in the making since Spring 2010 and is finally being launched in December 2010. Many things have happened in 9 months in the AR field. Educational field is taking notice of AR and several blogs and wikis have sprouted in the last couple of months. One of the notable ones is CTER program AP page which serves as an exhaustive resource for everything AR.

Here at College of Justice and Safety (Eastern Kentucky University) we recently started experimenting with AR. We offer several online degrees in the fields of fire Safety, Safety, Security and Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Juvenile Justice. These fields are ripe for the experimentation with AR and they include: 3D fire modeling, construction safety, trench excavation, building safety and visual representation of various concepts. We are actively seeking out different educational concepts in which AR would be applicable.

We will also experiment with AR as another learning modality with intend to measure its impact on student learning in the upcoming months. The first planned research study will be done with EKU Spanish language professor and it will be conducted in early Spring of 2011.

In the upcoming months (and hopefully years) we will be posting several educational videos and projects with explanations how to replicate them in your own educational institution.

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